Text Based Input#

The ALFAsim-SDK allows the user to create or edit a project for ALFAsim application by writing the project specification directly in an text file.

There are two possible ways to write a project:

ALFAcase file (.alfacase):

A file with a textual description of a complete case in text format (YAML). This file allows the user to write case files directly and execute them directly using the command line. Being a text file in a standard and well supported format, it also allows the user to execute complex workflows by manipulating the files using external software or programming languages, providing flexibility and power.


ALFAcase is also referenced as ALFAsim case file

CaseDescription instance:

A class that helps to generate a valid .alfacase file programmatically using ALFAsim-SDK by instantiating a CaseDescription object to define an ALFAsim project.

To get quick and running with ALFAsim-SDK you can read the Quick Start and the Syntax sections

After reading the quick start section and the ALFAcase by example section, check out these additional resources to help better understand all the elements and options available to configure a project: